Why Is Elon Musk Buying Twitter?

Elon Musk wearing a cowboy hat

Elon Musk loves Twitter. But there’s a bit more to it than just tech romance. If you’re a regular Twitter user, you’re probably well aware that Elon is a prominent figure on the platform and a fan. With a huge audience of 83.8m followers, he tweets constantly with a mixture of genuine business updates, memes, […]

Back to the Future! Electric DeLorean May Be Unveiled This Year

DeLorean 2022 teaser

Where we’re going, we’ll still need roads, but no petrol required. Is an electric DeLorean really on the way this year? Quite possibly, following a teasing Tweet from the DeLorean Motor Company, complete with a silhouette image of the iconic car and hashtag #DeloreanEVolved. A car with a hugely popular fanbase across the world, thanks […]