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The 10 Best PS5 Games To Play Right Now

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Ratchet and Clank and Spider-Man

Just bought your PlayStation 5 or wondering what to play next? These are our ten current favourite PS5 games.

With every new generation of console, comes a host of game remasters and remakes, along with a surge of original titles and new franchises. Choosing what to spend your hard-earned cash on or play next can be a minefield, especially with so many top titles available.

Here are our current favourite PS5 games, and what in our personal opinion are the best you can play right now.

Most recent updates were made on February 28 2022.

10. Doom Eternal

Doom is Doom. If you know what we mean, you’ll know whether this is one for you. Loads of gore, tight, fast-paced gun-toting action to a heavy metal soundtrack. Doom Eternal (and indeed it’s predessor) are the best the franchise has ever been, and playing it on a PS5 only enhances the experience. A great looking game, silky smooth framerate, bigger and better weapons and an appropriately demon-themed storyline, Doom Eternal is a blast. Just don’t show it to your Grandma.

9. Planet Coaster

This was part of Sony’s PlayStation Plus games for February, so if you got a chance to add it to your library, then it’s well worth installing. A not-too-deep theme park management sim, Planet Coaster lets you build the adventure park of your dreams as you work to keep the paying guests happy and your staff motivated. Budding rollercoaster designers can spend time building the perfect ride and understanding how all the angles and loops affect it, or you can ignore that part of the game altogether (like we do) and enjoy the hundreds of pre-built rides you can research and add to your park. Like Farming Simulator or Sim City, this is an enjoyable game to kick back and relax with. And it looks great on PS5.

8. Astro’s Playroom

One of the best things about this game?  It’s free! Yep, in a Wii Sports-style move, Sony include Astro’s Playroom with your shiny new PS5, so it’s definitely worth a play.  A combination of a tech demo to show off the PS5 controller’s key features and a fun platformer that is genuinely lots of fun to play. A great one for the kids too as serves as a good introduction to 3D platforming games and how much fun gaming can be.

7. NBA 2K22

Okay, we appreciate that basketball is everyone’s cup of Gatorade, but 2K22 is a real showpiece for the PS5. Nobody currently does basketball as well as 2K Games and the latest instalment doesn’t disappoint. The next-gen graphic sheen really shines on a 4K TV, with crowds more packed and varied than ever, great looking player models and tight gameplay. You can play the game how you want too – there’s a deep management mode, a story mode, 3v3 street ball, online play and customised leagues to take your favourite team to the playoffs. Probably one of the most played PS5 games in the BuzzHut office.

6: Kena: Bridge of Sprits

Simple, yet challenging enough to keep things interesting, Kena tells the story of a young girl and her journey to discover her magical abilities that help spirits pass through from the physical to the spiritual world. Action-adventure, with the odd puzzle thrown in, Kena is a great looking game with lots of exploring, fast-paced combat and inspiration taken from games such as Zelda and Okami. Hopefully the start of a new franchise series, Kena is worth adding to your collection.

5. Riders Republic

One of our favourite PS5 games of 2021, Riders Republic lets your snowboard, ski, mountain bike or fly (via wingsuit) across a huge outdoor environment, racing others and completing time challenges. It’s packed with a huge variety of ramps, mountains, courses, secrets and shortcuts to discover, plus loads of gear to unlock for customising your player. It can be a bit heavy on the 90s-rad talk but the gameplay is tight and the scenery looks stunning. One of the big highlights of the game is the online Mass Races that take place every 30 minutes within the game. Featuring over 60 competitors all racing down the mountain at the same time, it’s as chaotic as you can imagine with everyone battling to take first place.

4: Hitman 3

Hitman 2 was a return to top form for the franchise, playing out various scenarios that allowed for repeat play to try a different approach, or just to see how much chaos you could cause whilst still completing the mission. Hitman 3 continues on from 2’s tight gameplay and sandbox variety, but on the PS5 it really shines, with some next-gen graphical improvements, improved framerates and faster loading times. Hands-down, the best stealth/assassin game in years. Owners of Hitman 2 can also import the previous game into 3 so all levels live within the one game.

3: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

9 and 10 out of 10 scores all round from numerous gaming magazines across the world, Guardians of the Galaxy from SquareEnix is an all-out action game with a gripping story that wouldn’t be out of place in a Marvel movie. You control Starlord but can influence the other Guardian’s attacks and strategy. It’s this blend of strategic action gaming, funny dialogue and banter in true Guardians style, plus a pumping soundtrack (which is cleverly utilised by the gameplay) which makes for one of the best games you can pick up on PS5. And if you can find the more affordable PS4 disc, it comes with a free upgrade to the PS5 version.

2. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Not strictly a full-blown sequel to the previous game, more of an expansion, there is still more than enough game here for Spider-Man fans. Peter Parker leaves Miles Morales in charge of crime-fighting in New York, and the whole game world has been given a next-gen upgrade, looking and playing better than ever. You still get the addictive web-slinging action and Miles brings with him some clever new superhero powers of his own which give the game enough variety compared to the original. The storyline is fun and there are plenty of side missions for those that want to venture outside the main quest.

1. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

An truly impressive showcase for what the PS5 can deliver in the right developer’s hands. Not only is the game a graphical masterpiece, rivalling some Pixar movies, but the gameplay is pure fun entertainment, challenging enough for most gamers (with a super easy mode for younger players), plus a funny script and immersive, emotional storyline which really does pull you in.

It’s the game to show your friends just what the PS5 can do and is our favourite PS5 game overall since the console launched.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the franchise, or playing it for the first time, Rift Apart comes highly recommended.


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